Renovation hinge holder

SCUDO hinge holder renovation system for external blind on hinges, made of high density EPS 250 (approximately 35 Kg/m3), OSB 3 wood and purenit.

The SCUDO range by Protech s.r.l. was born from the idea of creating a prefabricated monobloc subframe system capable of self-supporting, simple to install on site, with refined aesthetics and thermal and acoustic efficiency characteristics according to the technical standards required by the market and current regulations.

Made of high density synthesized expanded polystyrene (EPS 250) (approximately 35 Kg/m3), OSB 3 and purenit, the “SCUDO” renovation hinge holder system was designed by optimizing the geometries, connections and choice of materials in detail, with the aim of creating the appropriate solution for the correct installation of external blinds on hinges in situations of energy renovation of buildings with external insulation.

  • Living comfort: correction of thermal bridges in order to eliminate degradation factors such as condensation and mould. The reduction of heat losses allows maintaining high internal surface temperatures.
  • Thermal comfort: specifically indicated for use in energy restoration situations with thermal insulation.
  • Acoustic comfort: the correctly installed system guarantees high noise reduction performance.
  • Ease of installation: opportunity to have a prefabricated product that arrives on site already assembled and ready to be installed. The hinges do not have to have a predefined position; they can be fixed at any point along the height of the uprights, with resin or screwed.
  • Aesthetics: system completely hidden in the masonry.
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Renovation hinge holder
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