Regional Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund


ACTION 21.1 “Support for productive investments for the purpose of relaunching economic growth and competitiveness.”

The project financed with this tender has helped Protech Srl to fully embrace the Industry 4.0 line, a process started several years earlier, integrating and interfacing the production department with the company management area. To this end, the company has invested in machines capable of creating a product consistent with the digital project, with dynamic and high-performance human/machine interfaces, capable of creating products with high energy, thermal and acoustic performance in less time. This production flexibility allows the company to process different orders both in terms of quantity and technical aspects. All this to obtain great advantages in the long term both from an economic point of view and, no less importantly, to optimize working efficiency.

This interconnection became necessary following the purchase of a new Easy Jet Casadei Busellato numerical control machining center, a machine that allows wood processing to be carried out in a versatile way and guarantees total flexibility both in programming and in the type of processing of wooden panels. Furthermore, thanks to the purchase of the DDX Easywood software, a complete program that manages every aspect of the processing at 360° and of the EasyJet Work Centre, the company was able to interconnect this innovative machinery with the Logico production and design software and with the management software Method. Finally, to complete the engineering of the process, the company purchased another innovative 4.0 machine: the Kaeser SM13 screw compressor. The unit is not only capable of producing more compressed air with less energy, but is also impeccable for its versatility, for its operational and maintenance simplicity, as well as for its environmentally friendly characteristics, as the machine guarantees maximum efficiency energy. With this last asset, further software was purchased, also interconnected to the entire company apparatus and used for the integrated management of each individual process at the operational construction sites and to manage the flow of the various orders, desired by the company to monitor safety on construction sites and the safety conditions of the operators themselves.

The overall contribution received from the European Union amounts to €28,307.26.