Founded in 1986 by the entrepreneur Nicola Benedetto, the B.B.C. S.p.A. in 2017 it came under the control and coordination of the MV Line Group and operates with two factories in the province of Matera: in Bernalda and Pisticci Scalo, on a total area of 11,000 m2 and with approximately 90 employees.

The company carries out various industrial activities: foundry, aluminum extrusion and painting, surface and custom finishes, design of aluminum systems for doors and windows, mechanical processing.

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A business evolution that has lasted since the end of the sixties, always in search of quality and innovation while respecting the balance between men and the environment. The various generational transitions have done nothing but strengthen a leadership, based on professional and human roots, from which emerges a vision of a solid and, at the same time, dynamic industry which, with well-identified commercial and production policies, presents itself as a serious operator in its sector.

The company is today a leader in central Italy in the production of mosquito nets and sun screens, made with the best raw materials available on the market. An adequate technical assistance service also follows the product after-sales, providing maximum guarantees in the assembly and testing phases, so that all the characteristics found in the products remain unchanged over time. Men with many years of experience who have experienced the transformation of the market in all its phases and are now ready to take on the challenge of the third millennium.

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The challenge is to combine electronics and home automation in cutting-edge solutions, capable of offering customizable living comfort. We face it aware of the importance of the history already lived and the horizons still to be discovered, thanks to the cohesion and professionalism of our 180 collaborators and the operational branches in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, China and Turkey.

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Lupak Metal

Lupak Metal is an Italian manufacturer of profiled and extruded aluminum sunshades which, since its inception, has invested resources every year in the study and improvement of products suited to a constantly evolving market. Its culture is based on the sartorial care of the product with an eye to energy saving, fitting into contexts of passive houses, green building and efficiency improvement of buildings under renovation.

The company defines itself as “an unstoppable and continually developing war machine”: this is where the rich range of Lupak Metal sunshades was born, capable of creating customized solutions for each request. Wire systems, also called “cord”, are an excellent compromise for those who wish to remain faithful to tradition. Chain systems, on the other hand, are the “must-have” for those who love innovation and the latest technology.

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Maico System

The headquarters of the international Maco group of which Maico is part is located in Salzburg (Austria). The production plants – highly automated with continuous quality controls, as shown in this video – produce hardware for approximately 30 million windows and doors worldwide.​

Maico (where the “i” stands for Italy) was born to bring the tilt and turn from the cold German-speaking countries to our peninsula. Today the Italian network of Maico agents has 40 experts, ready to support window and door manufacturers when they: design the frame, apply the hardware, carry out the glazing, test tightness and insulation and install the window on site.

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New Solar

Designed to innovate, newSolar® with its structural conformation represents the most modern concept of sunblind roller shutter on the market.

Built in aluminium, the sheet is made up of profiles obtained by extrusion (a process which allows the raw material to obtain pieces with a constant and robust section) and above all which can be spaced apart from each other to different extents, to allow, in fact, what no roller shutter can do. never been able to do before: allow a visual relationship from the inside of an environment to the outside by customizing and freely regulating the desired natural light and ventilation.

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Anticipate customer needs, focusing on continuous innovation and always looking towards the future. These are the distinctive signs of the activity of Pinto srl, specialized in the production and marketing of roller shutters and sunblinds. The experience in processing PVC and aluminum for construction, combined with research and attention to detail, have allowed the company to stand out from competitors for the high quality and degree of innovation of the products and for the efficiency of the service.

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Thesan, a company of the Savio industrial group, designs and builds decentralized systems for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) which guarantee the correct exchange of pure air in the environments in which we live, protecting our health from the pollutants present in the air.

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