A project born from passion

Protech was born from more than ten years of experience of its owners, both in the field of doors and windows and in that of sun protection in general. Two fundamental elements that contribute, today more than ever, to having spaces in line with the current needs of eco-sustainable construction, in full respect of the delicate relationship between man and the environment.

Consultancy from the best technicians

The company makes use of the collaboration of specialized technicians both in the design and production phases; it also provides technical consultancy to designers who request it, and offers them latest generation materials for installation. All aimed at not compromising the performance of the window.

Evolution of the window hole

For years now the window has no longer been understood as a simple glass infill. The window was enhanced as an external architectural component capable of improving the aesthetics of the walls and was also considered as an integral part of the furnishings. Today, to all this we add the need to be an effective barrier dividing the external environment from the internal environment. No problem. Current window and door technology is able to fully satisfy this need. The thermal and acoustic insulation, air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance requirements that characterize modern windows and doors are truly excellent; just as the performance of the masonry packages used for the construction of external walls in buildings is excellent.

Energy saving

The energy needs of a building must be calculated taking numerous variables into consideration, but there is a simple basic rule that applies in every situation. The lower the dispersions towards the outside, the lower the costs to compensate for them.
Our products are designed with the aim of reducing dispersions to a minimum, even from the primary and secondary installation joints.

Living comfort

Living comfort is a condition of well-being that can be achieved within an environment by taking into account the values of four parameters: temperature, acoustics, air quality and brightness.
Each of our products is designed to avoid heat loss and at the same time obtain excellent noise reduction performances; Furthermore, it is possible to create provisions for the assembly of mechanical ventilation systems to improve air quality and darkening systems that allow the rational exploitation of daylight.

Personalized product

Each construction site is a story in itself! We have multiple types of construction, each with its own characteristics, each with its own needs. Our technical office collaborates with designers to find the best solution, design the installation joint, choose the darkening system in relation to the stratigraphy of the wall and the required thermo-acoustic performance.