90 STD

Foldable sunshade with wire system

Packable sunshade awning with “Z” shaped blade with lateral edging which, added to the central rib, gives greater sturdiness. Riveted Texband passage blade holes. Tension of the awning ensured by 8 mm Texband tapes with 100,000 certified movement cycles. Orientation movement regulated by terylene belts composed of Aramid and Kevlar anchored to the slats via stainless steel hooks that can be opened to allow any replacement on site.

At the ends of the blades, positioned alternately, zamak rungs are fixed which slide inside the lateral guides resting on the relative gaskets to avoid noise. In the upper part, the steel maneuvering channel, facing downwards, allows inspection and collects the components that allow the transmission of movement, whether by winch or motor. Inside are housed the variators necessary for winding the Texband and orientating the blades using terylene which is in turn connected with stainless steel clips (called mammoth). The transmission component is an extruded aluminum shaft with a splined Ø14mm that passes through the variators.

Winch operation direct or sent at 45° or 90°, articulated crank with Ø15mm aluminum rod.

Mechanical motor movement: the motor power is calculated based on the size of the awning. The engine has a Hirschmann Stas 3 watertight plug (called male) combined with the Stak 3 socket (called female).

90 STD in summary

Characteristicsattractive design, achievable up to 12.5 m2
Bladesin edged aluminum alloy, dim. 92 mm, with “Z” shape equipped with anti-noise rubber – thickness 0.47 mm
Guidessize 20×21, in extruded aluminium, equipped with anti-noise rubber
Colors10 standard
Wind resistance Beaufort scaleclass 6 – Nominal pressure 400 Pa equivalent to approximately 92 km/h
Frangisole a filo 90 STD Endotek Lupak Metal Realizzazione
Frangisole a filo 90 STD Endotek Lupak Metal Realizzazione
90 STD
Wire sunshades