Wood-cork box

Box with internal front inspection made with a perimeter structure on four sides in 18 mm thick wood and a 14 mm thick MDF closing front with white ABS edging, 27×2 mm section.

Cork insulation 10 mm thick.

It is available in the following versions

A) Structure in raw plywood and front in raw MDF;
B) Multilayer structure with white background and MDF front with white background;
C) Structure in white laminated OSB 3 and front in white melamine-faced MDF.

The closure must be made with screws covered with white PVC caps (supplied). We recommend the use of 600 Pa self-expanding tape to obtain reliable air tightness and consequently the best thermo-acoustic performance.

Optional on request:

  • Cork insulation thickness 20 mm;
  • 600 Pa pre-compressed tape supplied mounted in the box on the front closing side.
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Wood-cork box