Plug & Play Short RX

Electronic motors with integrated radio

Electronic limit switch with radio and wire control Suitable for operating monobloc shutters, both internal and external.

Easy to install Insert the motor into the tube, connect to the power supply and it’s ready.

Optional connections Wired control.

Specific functions
– Automatic adjustment of the limit switches.
– Antifreeze protection and obstacle detection when ascending and descending, with motion reversal.
– Possibility of memorizing two intermediate positions, which can be activated by remote control.
– Closing force adjustment.
– “Supersensitivity” function on downhill obstacles (activated by remote control), which avoids the complete stacking of the blades.
– Direct fixing to the aluminum side without using supports.

Motori per avvolgibili Plug & Play Short RX by Endotek
Plug & Play Short RX
Radio and wired
Gearmotors for roller shutters