Lume Light

LUME LIGHT is the result of several years dedicated to the design and obsessive study of an innovative product that would perfectly respond to the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

Those who choose LUME LIGHT choose a product with a modern and unmistakable design that perfectly reflects the aesthetic standards and technical characteristics required today by architects and design studios. LUME LIGHT, in fact, was born from the request for an innovative and high-performance solution that combines the characteristics of the chain system, but is not extremely elaborate with an excellent quality-price ratio.

The 0.75mm thickness and the design of the blade give greater rigidity to the awning compared to any other chain system with profiled aluminum blade and not only that: the groove of the blade has been specifically designed for insertion optimal use of the attachment clip, thus reducing the packaging space.

LUME LIGHT boasts patents which concern the internal movement mechanism.

Description of specifications

Self-supporting, adjustable and foldable sunshade with chain movement, the first of its kind to offer unique performances such as: copper or stainless steel transmission chain with high resistance to aggressive atmospheric agents such as salt and smog.

High resistance open chain system. Self-supporting guides in extruded aluminum 20/10 mm thick with soundproofing gasket. Blade with an innovative design in 0.75mm thick profiled aluminium, painted and with a blade attachment system visible from the outside, supplied in polished or matching steel. Blades complete with soundproofing gasket. In the TOP/SEA version it is possible to insert a terminal complete with dedicated sectionable gasket for resting on a threshold. Inclination of the blades when descending at 35° and with horizontal blades when ascending. Blade orientation from 35° to 80° in any intermediate position and from 0° to 80° with the awning completely lowered thanks to the use of a variator with a new patented system.

Curtain width development (BK) up to 2850 mm and curtain height development (HT) up to 4500mm. Movement by 230 Volt 50 Hz motor with mechanical limit switch. Plumbing system using dowels integrated into the extruded guides capable of compensating up to 2 mm per side corresponding to each fixing point. System for releasing blades from the chain system in the event of engine failure or maintenance of the upper maneuvering channel. System to prevent the slats from falling in any position to safeguard the internal mechanism from possible damage. Anti-lifting system of the blades in any position with automatic locking in the closed position. Safety system with mechanical release against crushing obstacles during the descent of the awning in any position. Wind resistance certification with maximum value for darkening systems. Test carried out at a certified body with a breaking pressure of 650 Pa corresponding to 120km/h. Good darkening.

Lume Light in summary

BK min.675 mm
BK max.2850 mm
Area max.8 mq (motor operation)
HT min.670 mm
HT max.4500 mm
Guides81.5×53.5 mm extruded aluminum guide with integrated traction and orientation mechanism
Colors STDRAL 9010/1013/7035/9006/9007/7016
Depthminimum 120 mm
Wind classClass 6 – 120 km/h
Frangisole a catena Lume Light Endotek Lupak Metal Realizzazione
Frangisole a catena Lume Light Endotek Lupak Metal Realizzazione
Frangisole a catena Lume Light Endotek Lupak Metal Realizzazione
Lume light
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