During visits to retailers and professionals such as architects and design studios we increasingly find ourselves having to respond to the request for a product that is “complete”. With this word these interlocutors desire robustness, durability, safety, functionality, aesthetics and ease of installation. For a year and a half now, all these characteristics have been summarized in one product, Lume, the synthesis of a project that evolves the concept of “chain sunblinds” with a series of technological innovations resulting from 3 years of planning.

The differences with competing products are numerous and each of these justifies the interest and success achieved.

Many focus on the sturdiness of the 13/10 extruded aluminum blades because they convey solidity and safety, but it is only the tip of the iceberg, in reality Lume boasts patents, such as the exclusive coupling system between the blade and the pegs of the mechanics which is totally invisible from the outside and which allows you to change the width of the awning if necessary without the intervention of Lupak Metal, avoiding waste of time and transport costs .

Another element that stands out is the possibility of complete rotation of the blade from 0 to 87° in any intermediate position which until now was impossible with chain systems.

Lume overturns the current resistance of sunshade products to the wind. The test carried out at the certified body reached a breaking pressure of 930 Pa, corresponding to approximately 140 km/h on a dimension of 3000×3000.

  • Extruded blades
  • Self-supporting extruded side guides
  • Maximum achievable surface 9 m2
  • Blade orientation in any position
  • 92% dimming

LUME is the revolutionary sunblind born from an innovative project for which patents have been recognised.

Unique Product Features:

  • 13/10 extruded aluminum blade
  • Invisible blade attachment from the outside
  • Possibility of changing blade width on site
  • Breaking pressure at approximately 140 km/h on dimensions 3000×3000
  • Completely redesigned mechanism with continuous chain traction system on bearings
  • Possibility of blade rotation from 0° to 87° in any position
  • Emergency release from the lifting system
  • Curtain blocked in every position
  • Stainless steel and aluminum gears
  • Maximum dimension in length (BK) of 3000 mm
  • Side guide adjustment system
  • Adjustable last blade seal for optimal support on the dock
  • Resistance to bad weather such as hail
  • Matching accessories
  • Blade anti-fall system

Features similar to other chain systems:

  • Anti-lifting system
  • Anti-crushing system
  • Anti-noise seals on blades
  • Prepared for mounting with exposed or hidden guides
  • Highly resistant paintwork with exposed or hidden guides
  • Salt-proof paintwork with SEASIDE treatment
  • Possibility to customize colors for blades and guides
  • Matching accessories

Lume in summary

Characteristicsmaximum safety, maximum technological expression, one of a kind
Bladesin extruded edged material, size 96.7 mm, equipped with anti-noise rubber – thickness 1.30 mm
Guidessize 80×55 mm, self-supporting in extruded aluminium, equipped with anti-noise rubber
Colors8 standard + on request
Wind resistance Beaufort scalebreaking pressure equal to 930 Pa, corresponding to approximately 140 km/h
Frangisole a catena Lume Endotek Lupak Metal Realizzazione
Frangisole a catena Lume Endotek Lupak Metal Realizzazione
Chain Sunblinds