Built-in Aircare ESI

Decentralized Controlled Mechanical Ventilation System with heat recovery and air filtration

Aircare ESI can be integrated into the insulated subframe or into the perimeter wall; or be integrated into the box, if space allows.

This solution offers a double advantage: it does not reduce the glass surface, nor does it require the replacement of existing windows.
Aircare ES disappears, completely hidden: the only visible element it is the cover plate, which can be applied flush with the wall or protruding. Excellent performances accompany the utmost respect for furnishings.

Sistemi di Ventilazione Meccanica Controllata Thesan by Endotek

The primary purpose of Aircare ES is to guarantee the correct exchange and efficient filtration of air in confined environments, recovering thermal energy of ventilation through an air exchanger with heat recovery.

Aircare ES is a double flow VMC that uses an “enthalpy” type heat exchanger, capable of exchanging and balancing both the thermal energy and the humidity content between the air flow introduced into the house compared to the air flow extracted . In practice, the air entering the house has a temperature close to the internal one, the relative humidity is constant and comfort is ensured.

This mechanical ventilation device with heat recovery is equipped with a triple filter to eliminate 98% of fine particles of 2.5 µm and all PM10, together with pollen, mites, spores and even bacteria greater than 0.4 µm. It guarantees a thermal efficiency of 82%.

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